Quo vadis, digital SMEs?

Quo vadis, digital SMEs?

It is said that artificial intelligence has also arrived in the SME sector. Simple ways to quickly and easily optimize core operational processes using chatbots, as well as meaningful Support measures are in place and we are convinced that SMEs will make extensive use of them over the next three years.

We shed light on this in this blog post:

  • How generative AI is accelerating digitalization in SMEs
  • What requirements companies need to meet to use generative AI
  • What changes can be expected from the use of artificial intelligence in certain professions and industries

Digitization in SMEs: from excessive demands to real solutions

The degree of digitalization can be interpreted differently depending on the company and industry. According to a Study German SMEs achieved 59 out of 100 points in 2022. But what does that tell us? For some companies, digitalization means introducing CRM and ERP systems. For other companies, the rapid entry into virtual working due to coronavirus was a digitalization booster that should not be underestimated. The German SME sector is diverse. We see generative AI as an opportunity for companies of all sizes to immediately accelerate their individual digital transformation. This is primarily made possible by the fact that now simple, fast solutions for labor-intensive communication processes which two years ago were not available at all or tended to be available only to financially strong, larger companies.



Functioning chatbots and AI assistants for customers and employees

Chatbots and AI assistants automate processes such as frequently recurring customer inquiries and internal information exchange and increase the productivity of each individual employee. In times of a shortage of skilled workers, relieving the operational burden on employees is an effective lever for managing workloads with existing teams and finally being able to focus more on the core business again. This applies to craft businesses as well as tourist resorts, law firms and industrial production companies. We work with industry-specific partners who deliver our turnkey chatbot solution to customers with a wide range of profiles and are happy to assist with the ongoing development of the chatbot deployment if required. The good thing is that with, users with normal computer skills can easily maintain and optimize their chatbot on their own. With us, companies of all sizes also have the flexibility to decide to what extent they want to benefit from our chatbot solution and corresponding services.

Brand differentiation through positive customer experiences and innovation leadership

Productivity as a benefit argument for a chatbot alone doesn’t convince you yet? The prospect of having to write a hundred more or less repetitive, standardized emails a week less, perhaps? It feels like you can’t put off utilizing the potential of AI if you make it very clear to yourself what benefits you can offer your company. medium-sized companies thus make it possible. Cost-intensive and stressful on-call service on the phone is reduced and manageable with a functioning chatbot. Service calls can be carried out faster, with less stress and with a high level of customer satisfaction if manuals and documentation can be searched centrally. The possible applications are manifold – the basis is always the written word, but images and video material can also be recognized and processed by machines in our new world of work. Those who create functioning structures and systems within the company that convey a sense of ease also come across to the outside world – to customers – as a positive, reliable business partner and find it easier to recruit and retain good employees. With smart, early use of AI, you can clearly differentiate your brand from the competition in the coming years and strengthen your long-term business success through innovation leadership.

Artificial intelligence makes work easier and makes us humans irreplaceable

We are observing two trends in the discourse surrounding artificial intelligence. People who are enthusiastic and open because they have realized, for example through the use of ChatGPT, Gemini and similar tools, that artificial intelligence helps them. It is very easy to use and gives rise to new ideas and possibilities. Creativity, dynamism and the joy of the new dominate. Those who have not yet tried it are strongly influenced by a public discourse that does not tend to be negative, but sometimes makes them feel insecure. For some, the idea of what artificial intelligence actually is becomes too big. We at Kauz have been working with artificial intelligence for more than seven years and are delighted to now be able to make this potential available to many different companies – of all sizes – thanks to generative AI. Generative AI is a real turning point for the benefit of working people and consumers. We want to carry this spirit into the world with our solution and many satisfied users!