Kauz aiStudio: AI assistants for companies of all sizes

Kauz aiStudio: AI assistants for companies of all sizes

Today we are excited to announce the official launch of Kauz aiStudio, ushering in a new era of chatbot usage for businesses of all sizes. Since ChatGPT, chatbots have experienced a justified hype chatbots. However, company-specific data and workflows are required for corporate use in order to be able to use chatbots for communication automation.

Find out in this blog post:

  • How to configure your individual AI assistants with the aiStudio
  • Which expansion stages are available for the use of your AI assistants
  • What skills your organization needs to integrate chatbots
  • What vision we are pursuing with the aiStudio and what you can expect in the coming months and years

aiStudio: The platform for simple and complex chatbots

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence. Many are already starting to use AI – in almost every possible industry: With the aiStudio, we at Kauz are helping companies of all sizes to benefit from the potential of generative AI now. Don’t hesitate to improve your workflows by freeing up time for your core business through communication automation.

Effective AI assistants out-of-the-box

With aiStudio, you can integrate a powerful chatbot with your website at the touch of a button and control the dialog with your customers via individual questions and answers. The content editor for business users allows you to configure the content of the AI assistant without any technical skills. Reports on frequently asked questions and incorrect answers help you to perfect the chatbot selectively and directly to 100%. Style your chatbot in your company colors and with a profile picture and you can go live with your AI assistant.

Smart AI assistants through company data

Even in medium-sized companies, knowledge management can take on enormous complexity and lead to unnecessary inefficiencies. By integrating AI assistants with your business systems and databases, you can replace manual information searches with concrete answers in real time. This is guaranteed to increase your business agility!

Workflows for your AI assistants

There are no limits with the aiStudio. We are constantly expanding the open interfaces to CRM and ERP systems and customize the chatbot behaviour along your business processes in the AI Enterprise Package. The simplicity of managing and customizing the content of your AI assistants is maintained even in an advanced application scenario via aiStudio’s user-friendly editing system.

Controlled AI and maximum data security

In addition to the euphoria about what generative AI can do, however, concerns about data protection and the potential risks of false AI statements are also very dominant in our society and are guiding our work at aiStudio. The Kauz aiStudio is all about controllable AI. Your AI assistants are not a black box. Thanks to the transparency of user and chatbot behavior and the possibility of editorial intervention, you understand and control the use of AI. In addition to the ChatGPT integration, we also offer other LLM models as an alternative, which you can train as private LLMs with maximum data sovereignty.

Future outlook: aiStudio and the democratization of AI

We are definitely at a turning point with AI: The technology and tools are available, and there is a willingness to use them across all areas of the company. Often the only thing standing in the way is the question of “how”. With the aiStudio, we offer a convenient answer to this. We make it easy to get started in the world of applied artificial intelligence, which takes the pressure off people and creates scope for creativity. It’s not (only) about more productivity, but about what can happen afterwards! For us, however, this also means that the platform grows with the requirements of our users.

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