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AI integrations

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Open ERP and CRM interfaces are constantly being expanded.

Kauz aiStudio

The plug & play platform for the entire lifecycle of your AI assistants

aiStudioYour quick start in artificial intelligence

Hybrid AI
  • ChatGPT and leading open source models
  • NLU-based industry templates for controllable results
Hallucination control
  • Conversation control through controllable AI
  • Predefined answers for critical questions
  • Parameter tuning, fine-tuning and training for your use case
AI management for business users
  • Editorial system incl. multimedia
  • Dashboards & reporting on content usage and user satisfaction
Maximum security
  • GDPR-compliant EU data hosting
  • Optional on-premise operation
  • Private large language models

"We need a multi-client system with several chatbots. With Kauz, we are able to implement these complex requirements."

Li Listmann | Head of Marketing & Sales | Westfalenhallen Unternehmensgruppe GmbH

"We introduced our chatbot "Lara" for user support with Kauz. We are now planning to expand Lara into a comprehensive R+V assistant."

Lutz Loebe | Consultant | R+V Allgemeine Versicherung AG
(+ Set-up fee: 1.500 EUR | Project support as agreed)
  • AI assistant for websites and intranet
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(+ Set-up fee: from 3.000 EUR | Project support as agreed))
  • AI assistant for increased demands on editing, control, and customization
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  • AI assistant for all enterprise requirements

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