Million-Dollar Funding for Kauz

Million-Dollar Funding for Kauz

Investor confidence and the credo of independence

We are pleased to announce that we have closed a financing round in the millions successfully completed! This investment will enable us to further expand our self-service platform for AI assistants and accelerate our vision of safe human-AI interaction. We have deliberately opted for the private investor network of Companisto in order to continue our successful approach to technology development independently. Within a few weeks, millions in financing was pledged via the Angel Club, existing and private investors and a convertible bond issued by our founder and CEO Dr. Thomas Rüdel. The swift and uncomplicated implementation of the financing round confirms the tangible potential of our technology and market approach.

Gamechanger: Large language models

The availability of powerful large language models has fundamentally changed the dynamics for AI-based solutions. In March 2023, we were the first provider in the DACH region to launch the Integration of Chat GPT We responded to the market and at the same time started to develop our platform into a self-service platform for AI assistants. Previously, the development of AI assistants was associated with relatively high manual effort despite our extensive industry-specific database. The integration of large language models suddenly enabled us to develop highly scalable and widely applicable AI solutions.

The Owl USP: Controllable AI

What distinguishes us as the regional market leader for AI assistants? The integration of leading large language models with our self-developed Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology enables a controllable use of AI in companies. We are pioneers in offering private large language models and support the trend towards open source models that can be customized and used on site if required.

Future outlook: Kauz aiStudio

The funding will be invested in the further expansion of our Kauz aiStudio, which enables companies of all sizes to use website AI assistants and AI assistants for internal requirements. On the market side, we can now also accelerate the expansion of our partner network for industry-specific AI assistants in the SME sector.


Further information: Official press release